Edible Schoolyard celebrates its fifth anniversary



By Marguerite Lucas

Dubbed “a garden party under the stars,” last week’s Edible Evening, a fundraiser to benefit the Edible Schoolyard New Orleans (ESY NOLA), proved to be just that that.

The cloudless evening sky blanketed the guests milling behind Samuel J. Green Charter as jazz tones, provided by the Positive Vibrations Foundation, sifted through the air. Stalls from 30 local restaurants dotted the garden paths — from barbecue shrimp from Emeril’s and turtle soup from Upperline to grilled crawfish and Creole cream cheese gnocchi from Commander’s Palace. There also were mushroom and feta pies from the Edible Garden, stuffed with mushrooms grown and harvested by the students. Presqu’ile, one of ESY NOLA’s sponsors, provided the wine.

The event's main focus was to observe the organic garden, which involves students in all aspects of the gardening process. Its goal is to change the way students eat, learn and live, and guests could see the hard-work and care students put into maintaining the organic garden, from the neat rows of vegetables and the hand-painted signs pointing to strawberries and broccoli.

Asked why Presqu’ile winery supports ESY NOLA, president Matt Murphy points to the earth.

“We wanted to make a lasting impact beyond wine in the community,” Murphy said. “We see eye to eye on the way we treat our land and the way they treat their land. It’s a perfect fit for us in every way.”

Visit www.esynola.org for more information.

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