What the Real World: New Orleans goons are doing these days



  • Screengrab from Radar

This past summer we saw the sloppy romance between leggings-as-pants wearer Jemmye Carroll and recovering pill popper Ryan Knight unfold before our very eyes, amidst Five-Dollar Footlongs and piles of Mardi Gras beads on The Real World: New Orleans. It seems the pair is still together — guess you just can't forget the one who took your "white boy virginity" — and they got arrested after a bar fight in Panama City Beach, Fla. on March 14.

Radar reports the pair was taken to jail after getting into fisticuffs with the bar's bouncer. Carroll provided an account of the incident on her Twitter account, saying Knight got roped into the fight because he was protecting her. Aw!:

“went 2 jail Bc a security guy punched me black eye from a grown a** man yet the police arrest me This is y women are to scared 2 go 2 cops ... About to own PCB.... F**ked with the wrong bitch....& yes @KnightRW24 went to jail for defending me.”

I'm not sure what any of that means, either.

Carroll posted that and other drivel on her Twitter, including a photos of her black eye, her mug shot bracelet ("the hottest new accessory") and the reason for smiling in her mug shot ("Bc I'm a f*cking badass..... [sic: everything]").

After becoming perhaps one of the most unemployable people out there, it seems there's only one place left in the world for Jemmye Carroll, besides on a competition-style Real World spin-off show:


(I kinda called it.)

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