The Hornets sure seem serious about staying in New Orleans


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The Hornets future in New Orleans is still uncertain and, say what you will about the NBA's plans for the franchise, it sure seems like the Hornets marketing staff wants to keep the team local. Just witness their new campaign featuring everyone from Mitch and Mary Landrieu to James Carville and Bobby Jindal to Irvin Mayfield and Kermit Ruffins (and a slew of other New Orleans celebrities) all making a pitch for Hornets season tickets.

What's encouraging about this ad is that the Hornets marketing team really did their homework. The bed audio is "Do Watcha Wanna" by Rebirth and the speakers aren't just limited to national or instantly recognizable celebrities; Phil "Tuba" Frazier, Fleurty Girl and the 610 Stompers all make appearances.

The message is also pretty striking. As opposed to just saying "hey, the Hornets are good, you should buy tickets to see them play", the commercial makes an appeal to New Orleanians' sense of community and the choice residents have made to stay here in spite of the problems the city has and continues to face.

Really, A+ work.


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