A Mardi Gras Missed Connection


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Carnival time means the city is filled with drunken throngs of festively dressed people commingling in concentrated areas — and you know what that means? The likelihood of you being the subject of a Craigslist Missed Connection increases precipitously, as it does during Jazz Fest, Voodoo Fest and other big events. How else are you supposed to find that attractive person you locked eyes with but neglected to stop and talk to, lest you lose your friends and find yourself alone in a crowd with no cell phone service? (Thanks to AT&T — the official sponsor of Carnival friendship-ruining.) If you're not acquainted with the world of Missed Connections, enjoy Gambit special section editor Missy Wilkinson's musings on them here.

But just like with all expressions of attraction, things can get a little creepy. It's one thing to say "You: wearing a pink wig and angel wings. I admired your attempt at blowing your Muses vuvuzela in tune with the Marching 100's rendition of 'Stand Up and Get Crunk.' I think we could also make some beautiful music together. Please provide details of my papier mache oiled pelican costume so I know it's you." This, however, is something else entirely:


(In case you can't read the text, it says "You were breastfeeding your child out in the open without covering up or anything. We made eye contact once or twice. Maybe we can get together sometimes soon. Hopefully I can have my snack ;)")

Be safe out there, everyone.

(Craigslist post via Rachel Strassel)


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