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Today the local Twitterverse took a break from Charlie Sheen-related quotes and links to discuss their next favorite thing: New Orleanians' own tiger blood, Abita beer. The Business Report reported yesterday that an attorney representing Abita Brewing Company sent a cease-and-desist letter to Baton Rouge event organizer Manu Kamat for using the term "pub crawl" to describe his monthly bar tours, because Abita owns the Louisiana trademark for the phrase. Kamat organized the pub crawls events involving scheduled stops at a series of drinking establishments located in close proximity to each other to benefit the New Orleans Council for Community and Justice. How dare he!

Word quickly got around about the cease-and-desist letter and Twitter users, as they are wont to do, expressed their thoughts on the issue:





The uproar even opened a small window of opportunity to a competitor brewery to dethrone Abita as New Orleans' Favorite Beer:



Are you #teamabita or #teamnolabrewery?

But since New Orleans' drinkers are not to be reckoned with, Abita later backed down on the demand. Abita president David Blossman issued a statement on the matter via Facebook, saying "We’ve heard from you today on this trademark issue and we agree. Your respect is far more important to us than two little words." The statement also said Abita would host an event March 25 to support New Orleans Council for Community and Justice. The Facebook note containing the statement earned many "likes" and several positive comments, meaning all is good with Abita in the social media world.

With #abitagate official over, It is now OK to resume getting drunk off Abita Strawberry — I'm sure the 5-hour-long boycott of Abita was tough, but your persistence paid off — and making Charlie Sheen jokes.


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