Lil Doogie replaces Peter Mayhew as King Chewbacchus


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Nancy Hartman presents the Chewbacchus crown.

In this week's Gambit, the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus takes Gambit behind the scenes at its workshop and den before its Carnival debut. Peter Mayhew, the man-behind-the-fur in the Star Wars films, was scheduled to ride as the krewe's King Chewbacchus — but today, krewe co-founder Ryan Ballard announced Mayhew won't make it (citing personal reasons). He had been active on the krewe's Facebook page, where he said he was looking forward to the parade.

However, Lil Doogie, the provocative Westbank puppet and rapper, will take Mayhew's place on the throne. Ballard said, "In the absence of King Chewbacca, the Overlords of Chewbacchus have declared a state of Intergalactic Emergency and have installed Lil Doogie as our ad hoc 'Puppet Government' and granted him emergency lethal magical powers."

The Chewbacchus parade leaves 3 Ring Circus' The Big Top at 6 p.m. Sunday, March 6, and takes a backwards route, heading down St. Charles Avenue towards Jackson Avenue.


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