New Orleans is in the spotlight



Music critic-cum-hipster anthropologist Carles of stirred up a lot of vitriol and triggered one of New Orleans' collective sore spots when he blogged a critique of/rumination on/homage to "crusty kids" (aka the large, itinerant groups of 20-somethings who shun baths and bright colors and descend upon New Orleans to spange en masse during the cooler months while bearing cans of Schlitz and large dogs attached to frayed rope leashes). Admittedly, that group is a pretty easy target and a particularly interesting breed of hipster, but what really got commenters up in arms is the fact that the photos (which Carles allegedly ripped off from the Facebook page of a local Tulane grad) were taken at a 9th ward memorial service for the eight adults who perished in a fire last December.


Here's the post in its entirety:

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