State removes printed Wikipedia info from Capitol


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When pictures surfaced Tuesday of Wikipedia entries accompanying sculpture at the Louisiana State Capitol building, the Internet burst with laughter at Louisiana's expense. Worse yet, the entries were printed in 2009 — they'd been up for two years, not only without anyone taking notice, but nobody seemed to think it a problem. When Gambit checked to see who was responsible for the display placards, Capitol employees shrugged. Those who weren't aware the Wiki printouts were there were wholly embarrassed.

And so is the state House of Representatives, by the looks of it. This morning, it announced the printouts have been pulled. (Read the statement below.)

This week, a tourist discovered that a biographical sketch of former Governor W.C.C. Claiborne displayed in Memorial Hall (also called the Rotunda) at the State Capitol was from an online source instead of from credible, original research. Information from the same online source was also discovered next to the bust of former Governor P.B.S. Pinchback.

The House of Representatives did not place the online information at this site nor did it authorize placement by any party.

The kiosks, which were damaged, and the online information have been removed from Memorial Hall. Once the kiosks are repaired, they will be returned to their original locations and will contain copies of the original historical information. At this time it is not known when the repairs will be completed.

The Wikipedia entries for both governors weren't vandalized, but under their respective "Legacy" or "Trivia" sections, one could add: "This page had the distinction of serving for two years in the halls of the Capitol building in Baton Rouge, Louisiana."


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