Krewe du Vieux: David Simon makes the scene



Treme creator David Simon poses with the Krewe of Spermes at Krewe du Vieux.
  • "Treme" creator David Simon (second from right) poses with the Krewe of Spermes at Krewe du Vieux.
We weren't able to live-Tweet the goings-on tonight at Krewe du Vieux, due to the fact that no one who had an AT&T phone on the parade route seemed to be able to get a signal. Suffice it to say that KdV delivered as usual, with raunchy and satirical floats and marchers interspersed with some hot brass bands. Among the floats to be seen: former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin "mushing" Gov. Bobby Jindal in the "Idiot-A-Rod" (Jindal was peeing on a silhouette of Louisiana); a float depicting the Landrieu forever-and-ever dynasty ruling New Orleans; and the return of the "Pizza Sluts," whose waist-level pizza boxes contained some naughty surprises for unsuspecting paradegoers.

One moment before the parade was particularly hilarious. The Krewe of Spermes (infamous for parading with giant sperm on sticks) saluted producer David Simon and Treme with a float called "David Semen's Treme." Lo and behold, who was there but Simon himself, greatly amused and happy to pose for photos with the various Spermes.

And now Mardi Gras 2011 is off to a real start. Thanks, Krewe du Vieux.

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