Something called Bad Girls Boot Camp is happening in Kenner



It looks like Kenner is the latest victim in a growing trend of reality TV shows being filmed, or holding casting calls, in Louisiana. The Times-Picayune reports a show called Bad Girls Boot Camp is being filmed for the Oxygen network in the former residence of ex-New Orleans Hornets coach Byron Scott, and neighbors are upset!

The article doesn't have much information, except that the columns of the home on 100 Chateau St. Michel Drive have been painted purple for the show ("Upsetting!" a Kenner resident cries, clutching her pearls). Oxygen already airs a series called Bad Girls Club, on which feral women yell and throw things at each other, so it's likely this is a Charm School-style spin-off. Real World creators Bunim/Murray Productions also produces Bad Girls Club — so maybe our friend Jemmye Carroll is one of the cast members? We can only hope.

At 7:30 p.m. tonight, Kenner's Chateau Country Club and Golf Course — which borders the Skank House — is hosting a meeting for neighbors to voice their concerns about the show's filming. There's no information in the article about what these concerns might be, but I'm assuming the following complaints might arise:

- Wind-carried tufts of ripped-out hair extensions are littering neighbors' lawns
- Acrylic nails shards are getting stuck in lawn mowers and children's feet
- Shrieks and sounds of shattering Champagne flutes are heard at late hours
- The giant pink Hummer limo used to transport contestants is unsightly
- Contestants have been confusing Chateau golf course holes with toilets and are using them accordingly

Kenner, I know it's annoying to have a house full of mentally disturbed former cocktail waitresses in your neighborhood, but try to look on the bright side. user TheSixWardGhostWontDie3 says it best:


Via Times-Picayune.

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