Tonight, America goes to Olive Garden



Americas aphrodisiac: Chicken and shrimp carbonara
  • America's aphrodisiac: Chicken and shrimp carbonara
Right now, thousands of people are using Google to find the nearest Olive Garden or Red Lobster. Or where to find a heart-shaped pizza, free eCards, or Outback Steakhouse coupons. Then there's the general "Valentine's Day dinner ideas" search, the last-ditch effort to put on pants and eat something that doesn't come out of a bag.

Search engine optimization firms estimated Olive Garden, by 5 p.m., will be the No. 1 most searched item. Because this happens every year, for the past several, on Valentine's Day. And 2011 is no exception — after 5 p.m. Eastern, Olive Garden remains numero uno.

New Orleans: Choose your direction — north or west — and you, too, can join fellow Americans in showing your lasting, undying love for your significant other with never-ending pasta and breadsticks.

Olive Garden locations: 168 Northshore Blvd., Slidell, (985) 781-5920 and 1315 W. Esplanade, Kenner, 464-4612.

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