Arcade Fire's existence puzzles the masses



The outraged Justin Bieber fans got all the ink after last night's Grammys, but there was a significant subset of people who, upon hearing Arcade Fire's The Suburbs received Album of the Year over nominees Eminem and Katy Perry, responded with a collective: WHO?

Hence the establishment of the "Who Is Arcade Fire?!!?!?" blog, which catalogs the incredulous reactions from ordinary music fans, as well those from Hollywood sex kitten Tawny Kitaen and multimedia maven Rosie O'Donnell:




Is Arcade Fire really that obscure? I'm no Will Coviello or Noah Bonaparte Pais or Lauren LaBorde or Alex Woodward, but Arcade Fire's been around for years — their last album, The Neon Bible, came out four years ago and is still one of my favorites to listen to when driving at night across the Causeway or out in the country. (Try it.) And it seemed to me that everyone was pretty excited when it was announced Arcade Fire would be headlining Jazz Fest — yes?

Had you heard of Arcade Fire before today?

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