Tiny Furniture screens at Prytania Theatre



Tiny Furniture is a clever comedy about Aura, who moves home to her mother's New York City loft after graduating from college and tries to get her life started. She struggles with the transition from overeducated student/YouTube filmmaker to broke and skill-less daytime restaurant hostess trying to meet men, new friends and colleagues. She's overshadowed by a more ambitious younger sister who's enjoying a successful high school career, and she takes refuge with an old trustfund-kid friend who's funny, self-entitled and wiser to the world. Aura rekindles several friendships and enters a circle of people full of "famous for YouTube" personalities, and she finds some comfort in reading the journal her mother kept at the same age.

It's also a little-movie-that-could. Writer/director Lena Dunham stars in the film, cast her own mother (renowned photograher Laurie Simmons) and sister, and used her mother's Tribeca loft as a set. Dunham got the idea for the film in October 2009, filmed it in November, completed it in December and released it in January 2010. It won an award at South by Southwest in March and was scooped up for distribution by IFC. Tonight's 8 p.m. screening benefits the New Orleans Film Society. It runs through the week at The Prytania.

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