CBS Sports on the Payton situation: "Get over yourself, New Orleans"



This morning, Alejandro de los Rios broke down all the brouhaha over Sean Payton moving his family to Dallas (vote in our C'est What? poll here), and now the national reaction to the local reaction is breaking. Gregg Doyel, a columnist for, takes the city to task in a strongly worded column:

The problem is the city Payton left behind. This isn't Marvin Lewis deciding not to live in Cincinnati, or Pete Carroll moving his family out of Seattle. New Orleans was the site of a bona fide tragedy, the worst natural disaster this country had seen in 75 years. Hurricane Katrina was horrific, and what happened to that city in 2005 was terrifying. But that doesn't give New Orleans, and the people who live there, a free pass to play the victim card as an excuse for trying to run Sean Payton's life. And it's not going to stop people like me, and others I hope, from calling out New Orleans for this pity party.

And furthermore:

Payton himself will live in New Orleans during the season. He is willing to sacrifice daily contact with his wife and kids, because that's how badly they want to live in Dallas.

And you people in New Orleans, you strangers, are going nuts about it?

Like it's any of your business?

Get over yourself, New Orleans. What happened to you in 2005 was tragic, and your recovery since then has been nothing short of heroic. But get your nose out of Sean Payton's personal life.

Most of Doyel's commenters agree with him. How about you?

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