Ray Nagin gets social (it seems) on Twitter and Facebook



So the town is a-Twitter over what seems to be former mayor C. Ray Nagin's official Twitter account (it's not confirmed, but if it's a Nagin impersonator, he/she's doing a fine job). The tweeter describes himself as "Former Mayor of New Orleans from 2002 to 2010. Led city back from Katrina. Now consultant, green energy entrepreneur and public speaker," and tweets about a variety of topics, including Oliver Thomas' biographical play at the Anthony Bean Community Theater ("emotional, funny and real") and the recent floods and cyclone in Australia ("Pray there is no loss of life"). The Twitter account is tied to a Facebook page for Ray Nagin, which seems even more authentic (among his friends are former city CAO Brenda Hatfield and radio/news personality LeBron "LBJ" Joseph).

Just as interesting, though, is whom the mayor does — and does not — choose to follow on Twitter. Gambit, The Times-Picayune and The Louisiana Weekly: no. CNN and WWL-TV: yes. Lee Zurik: no. Steve Harvey: yes. Which is not to say he's not cognizant of what's going on in local media:


And Fletcher parries:


Damn. At this rate, someone's gonna get cold-cocked.

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