Coming up in this week's Gambit: Whup-ass Edition


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Jeremy Alford spent several weeks digging into what's gone wrong in the Louisiana Democratic Party, which has botched several elections and seen several significant defections to the GOP in recent months. New Rep. Cedric Richmond is now the only Louisiana Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives, and there are rumors that Attorney General Buddy Caldwell, the highest-ranking Democrat in state office, is mulling a flip-flop to the Republican Party. (Caldwell told Alford: "No comment.") As Louisiana becomes more and more firmly a red state and the Tea Party gains clout, what can the Donkey Party do to right its own ship?

(This week's cover was designed by Gambit art director Dora Sison — and, for you grammarians out there who think it should be "whoopass" ... "whup" is actually the past tense of the transitive verb "whip," so we figured that the logical result of "getting your ass whipped" would be "a can of whupass." But we're sure some of you will feel differently ... )


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