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Our friends at the Houston Press have created a great infographic called "The United States of Beer," which assigns one beer to each state in the union — from Alaska to Florida, from Red Hook to Keystone Light.

Their choice for Louisiana? The venerable Abita. Fortunately for us, we've got lots of other good choices now — but it's hard to argue with the granddad of brewpub culture. Here's some of the Press' rationale behind the other states:

Florida gets saddled with MGD Light 64 because it's the beer we imagine bikini-clad Miami Beach babes drinking to stay slim. And still other states have frustratingly outdated liquor laws, like Alabama and West Virginia. Those states were penalized by being "awarded" awful, low-ABV brews like Keystone Light and Natural Light, as these are some of the only beers that can lawfully be sold in these pitiful states. Mississippi, however, was rewarded for its persistence in fighting the man with breweries like Lazy Magnolia.

Here's the map (created by Monica Fuentes). For a bigger version, click on over to the Press.

Beer: what makes this country great.
  • Beer: what makes this country great.

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