Tonight: Best Coast, Wavves and No Joy



(Read Noah Bonaparte Pais' show preview in Gambit here.)

No Joy
  • No Joy

At the bottom of the bill for tonight's show at House of Blues (tickets here) is No Joy, whose fuzz-dripping debut LP Ghost Blonde (Mexican Summer) is full of screeching guitars and big, slow burning riffs, distorted psychedelics and hazy harmonies.

Stream the single "Heedless" and the band's self-titled 2009 EP here. You also can download the band's five-song Daytrotter session here.

Check out the manic, intense (and probably NSFW) video for the Jesus & Mary Chain-y "Hawaii" from Ghost Blonde.

Find more music from headliners Best Coast and Wavves after the jump.

Best Coast, Bethany Cosentino's garage/surf-pop outfit, first debuted her fuzzy pop songs on a series of 7-inch records before her full LP Crazy For You (Mexican Summer, 2010). The latter is pristine: Cosentino's girl-group vocals are right up in front, not under layers of distortion and tape hiss. Her songs are simple but perfectly executed — her hot topics: boys, cats and weed. (Watch the video for the title track, which premiered on icanhascheezburger.) Below, Best Coast serenades a quinceañera:

Download the track here.

Cosentino's partner-in-weed is bro-wave herald Nathan Williams, whose bedroom project-turned-pop/punk/whatever outfit Wavves dropped King of the Beach last year (following 2009's Wavvves and 2008's, uh, Wavves). Here's "Post-Acid" from King of the Beach:

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