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It may be Free Music Friday for you Gambiteers, but inside Gambit HQ it's Free Condom Friday. A big ol' box of organic lube and vegan (they're casein-free!) condoms arrived at our office from the conscientious, Valentine's Day-minded folks at Whole Foods' PR department:


Check out the snazzy plaid design! College-age, female and LBGT consumers, does its pattern appeal to you? It's designed to, according to the press release. I certainly find the "striking plaid wrap" preferable to the usual austere condom packaging, but maybe that's just because I'm a woman. Or maybe it's because I could carry boxes of condoms around the office without looking like a creep.

At any rate, these condoms do seem like a solid choice for socially responsible, sexually active individuals. Following the buy-one-donate-one business model that helped make Tom's a hipster staple, Sir Richard's Condoms donates a condom to a developing nation where HIV is prevalent for each condom purchased. Also, the organic, paraben-and-petrochemical free personal lubricant left my ashy elbows silky and redolent of cinnamon vanilla. In fact, my whole office smells like this fragrant lube. Now, if I just had a Tajazzle, I'd be all set for the weekend.



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