You say it's your birthday...



First of all, Dirty Coast makes some great T-shirts. That being said, its newest creation makes me a little nervous, because wearing it could be a form of birthday fraud. I can't imagine any possible scenario that would necessitate anyone wearing this T-shirt. If it's your birthday, you're going to have dollars pinned on your shirt, anyway, so why bother with the screen-printed versions? And if it's not your birthday, who are you trying to fool?

  • Dirty Coast

Maybe I'm just skeptical because I celebrated a birthday last weekend and scored $31 (thanks, generous Dragon's Den patrons!) and don't want to see a good thing get abused. True, the shirt might legitimately serve as a conversation piece for out-of-state friends who want to share one of our many cool traditions. But I do think this T-shirt should come with a warning label: DEPLOY ONLY ON YOUR BIRTHDAY OR WHEN OUTSIDE LOUISIANA.


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