MP3 free for all



Here's a long overdue entry in an attempted free-music series (though we had an actual one of those, too, before Limewire closed its doors).

Generationals offers its four-song EP Trust on Offbeat's website. The band performs with Brass Bed at 10 p.m. tonight at Blue Nile (again, a free show. Read Noah Bonaparte Pais' show preview here).

Recently inked Park the Van signee Empress Hotel offers the track "Mach Bach" on Urban Outfitters' most recent playlist. The band also made the single "Bells Rings" available, which you can download here.

Arts blog and publisher Constance has an ongoing mixtape series, with contributions from the likes of Brice Nice, DJ Nate White and Jac Currie.

And a bonus round: '90s alt-rock worshiping punks Lovey Dovies recently debuted its "Workhorse" music video. (Directed by local filmmaker Mike Kennedy — find his videos for Buttons' "Roller Rock" and Odoms' "Kepping Up with the Jetsons" on his website.)

Below is Jean-Eric's "Better Than Good" (NSFW), a sequins and Day-Glo party machine — somewhere between Peaches and C+C Music Factory.

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