The Superdome would never do this, would they?



Seahawks fan are probably full of mixed feelings right now. Sure, their team is in the playoffs, but being the first 7-9 team to do so is hardly a badge of honor. And their team is facing the defending Super Bowl Champions in a game that's decidedly weighted against the Seahawks. Oh, not to mention that if Seattle had gone 6-10 and missed the playoffs, they could had a pick in the top 12 of next year's draft.

Now there's this video showing that the large beers sold at Qwest field hold the same amount of liquid than the small beers, despite costing $1.25 more. People buying large beers were getting ripped off, people buying small beers were getting a good value.

This makes you wonder if there may be a bigger trend. Next time you see me at a Saints or Hornets game and I'm double-fisting one small and one large beer, just know it's all in the name of science.

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