"Where To Get Drinks": the party for the poster


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Ian Hoch's flowchart "Where to Get Drinks" was a minor sensation in New Orleans when he debuted it in November. There have been beaucoup bar guides to the city before, but no one had thought to organize a bar guide into a flowchart that asked eminently sensible questions like "Are you a vampire?", "Do you have a mangy dog?" and "Wanna hang out with old people?". Soon people were asking about T-shirts and posters. Well, the posters are here — almost — and there's a poster-launch party planned at Carrollton Station on Thu., Jan. 13. From the Facebook invite:

The viral chart that rocked the Crescent City bar scene is now a full color, full size print available for you to purchase. "Where to Get Drinks" is its accompanying website, blog and merchandise company helmed by chart creator Ian Hoch and partner Genevieve Dempre. Help us celebrate this monumental achievement with great comedians, great friends and a scary powerful drink special!

And then you can use the poster to decide where you want to go next.


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