New Orleans mourns rapper Magnolia Shorty



Rentta Magnolia Shorty Lowe
  • Rentta "Magnolia Shorty" Lowe

Multiple sources are reporting that New Orleans rap artist Renetta "Magnolia Shorty" Lowe was shot and killed Monday in eastern New Orleans. She was 28 years old. AllHipHop reported it here. and The Times-Picayune have details. There's a memorial page on Facebook. There is more information about her on her MySpace page and some background on Lowe on the online version of Alison Fensterstock and Aubrey Edwards' documentary project about New Orleans bounce and rap Where They At.

Note: The AllHipHop story does have several errors in it. A few have been corrected. I left the link up because the site did report the death, as sited above. WC

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