It's hard out here for a reporter



Sometimes you just need a good laugh — at someone else's expense. For those of you who think reporting the news requires only an attractive face, a good speaking voice and a stylish wardrobe: You're wrong. There are times when it also requires physical agility — and good health insurance coverage.

A reporter should always be aware of potential weapons, like a water bottle or an inflamed husband.

The other side of the coin is the problem reporters on deadline have in trying to do a quick introduction and report while standing out in the open among curious bystanders who sometimes want their 15 minutes (more like seconds) of fame on TV. Case in point:

Personally I love photo bombers, but that's just me.

So next time you see a reporter trying to do a standup report in front of a camera, wave, smile, think supportive thoughts, but for goodness sake, don't do the robot in the background.

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