Cafe Du Monde in Japan




If you want Christmas beignets, you have to go to Cafe Du Monde, Japan.*

More explanation under the cut.

* thanks to Varg Vargas at for finding this

Who knew that Cafe Du Monde has more outlets in Japan than they do in Louisiana (according to the newsletter Nation's Restaurant News)?

And while the New Orleans locations just serve up beignets and coffee (with milk or orange juice for nontraditionalists and heretics), the Japanese locations have hot dogs and "gumbo soup", along with "jam tea marmalade" and other specialties not taken from the Creole canon.

I'm totally enchanted. Here's a picture of a Cafe Du Monde that seems to be in a Japanese mall. The restaurant is also home to "Mister Donut," which would seem redundant.

And I have to know where I can get one of these Japanese Cafe Du Monde mashup rugs.

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