Ooh, baby, it's cold outside — and getting colder



Although we're all feeling warm and cozy inside from the New Orleans Saints 34-30 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, it's rather chilly outside, and the National Weather Service (NWS) says the temperatures will continue to dip through Tuesday morning.

It’s time to bring in the pets, potted plants and anything containing water that could break if the H20 freezes. Temperatures will dip tonight, but the NWS the mercury should remain just above freezing. Forecasters are predicting a hard freeze Monday night, however, even in Orleans Parish, so you should insulate exposed pipes or take other precautions.

NWS says a cold air mass will reach the Gulf Coast area Monday, causing freezing conditions overnight in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, the West Bank, Destrehan, Belle Chasse, Chalmette Violet, Laplace, Reserve and Norco.

Don't forget to send your kids to school with a coat on Monday. If you use space heaters to warm your house or office, be sure to clear the area around them of anything flammable to prevent a fire.

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