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The holiday season brings many happy tidings: shopping, wrapping gifts, cooking, cleaning, celebrating with friends — and most of those activities produce trash, much of it recyclable. Don’t send it to the landfill. If you don’t subscribe to a curbside recycling program, start saving that trash now and drop it off between 9 a.m. and noon Saturday, Dec. 18, at two locations in Jefferson Parish.

You don’t have to separate your recyclables before dropping them off at the Joseph S. Yenni Building (1221 Elmwood Park Blvd., Jefferson) on the East Bank or The Recycling Foundation (6025 River Road, Marrero) on the West Bank. You do, however, have to make it to the locations before noon, when trucks from the Recycling Foundation of Baton Rouge will depart for their processing facility.

Acceptable materials for recycling include plastic milk jugs, beverage containers, containers for shampoo, conditioner and detergents; paper products including newspapers, phone books, magazines, paper, cardboard, cereal boxes and other paperboard, shredded paper in plastic bags; and aluminum, tin and steel cans and lids.

Do not drop off glass containers, styrofoam, plastic grocery bags, containers that held motor oil, paints, pesticides, hazardous household solvents, herbicides, used motor oil, antifreeze or automotive fluids. The last three items can be dropped off, however, at 600 David Drive in Kenner and 6440 Lapalco Blvd. in Marrero.

If you plan to fry turkeys or other foods in peanut oil over the holidays, don’t dispose of it in the trash or pour it down a storm drain, sink or in the dirt. Instead, give it to Operation Reach ( so students can convert it into biodiesel fuel through its GulfSouth Youth Biodiesel Project. Call 529-1922, ext. 113 for details.


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