Review: To Moscow, You Betcha!



Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters meet Sarah Palin’s can-do attitude of platitudes in To Moscow, You Betcha!, a fun New Orleans Fringe Fest offering by writer-director Bridget Erin. As Chekhov’s siblings began their first act of their tragedy, Palin, as an audience member, mistakes their onstage tea party for a Tea Party, joins them to deliver a steady patter of Palin-isms that dovetails quite well with the actual play. (All dialogue was taken from the original play and real Palin speeches.) As the women muse on the falling snow, Palin pipes up with “This global warming hysteria isn’t based on sound science!,” and when they begin to yearn to return to Moscow, Palin’s proximity to Russia is, naturally, the next topic of conversation. Erin directed a small cast with an economy of movement and props, aided chiefly in the laughs department by Rebecca Rae, who perhaps resembled “Supernanny” Jo Frost more than the former Alaska governor, but brought the requisite happy-peppy-wink! viewpoint on everything from “mama grizzlies” to the Gulf oil disaster.

To Moscow, You Betcha! has one more performance at John Paul’s Bar (940 Elysian Fields Ave.) on Sun. Nov. 21 at 7 pm. Tickets are available at the door.

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