Voodoo 2010: Saturday, Oct. 30



(For maps, more picks and previews, check out this week's Voodoo 2010 issue.)

The permanently rocket-fueled Big Rock Candy Mountain (11 a.m., Voodoo) and Fatter Than Albert (11:15 a.m., Preservation Hall) put Saturday's schedule into overdrive right off the bat. And the ragtiming Luke Winslow-King (12:30, Bingo! Tent) and jazz freakouting Helen Gillet (2 p.m., Bingo! Tent) steer the Voodoo ship elsewhere.

Rebirth Brass Band (3:30 p.m., Soco/WWOZ) gets it right, and Die Antwoord (6:15, Le Plur) gets it very, very weird — the South African rave-rap meme explodes into New Orleans for the first time. (Bonus fun: The group was selected for the Guggenheim's YouTube Play. A Biennial of Creative Video, including the video below.)

The U.K.'s Florence + the Machine (6 p.m., Sony) puts its otherworldly, stagepiece pop on display — also an N.O. debut. (Read Lauren LaBorde's interview with Florence Welch here.)

Hip-hop heartthrob Drake (7 p.m., Voodoo), a DJ-only set from The Crystal Method (7:30 p.m., Le Plur), and the "How the hell is he still alive?" Ozzy Osbourne (9 p.m., Voodoo) close out Day Two. Stay tuned for more.

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