Voodoo 2010: Friday, Oct. 29



(For maps, more picks and previews, check out this week's Voodoo 2010 issue.)

Eastern bloc 'n' rollers Debauche (10:45 a.m., Bingo! Tent) opens the festival weekend at the Bingo! Tent, the stomping ground co-curated by the New Orleans Bingo! Show.

Beverly Skillz (11:45 a.m., Le Plur) unleashes bangin' bounce beats and mashups from inside the electronic tent, followed closely by Rusko (2:15 p.m., Le Plur), the U.K.'s dubstep whiz.

Jonsi (5:30 p.m., Sony) of Sigur Ros, the orchestral Icelandic soundtrack specialists, gives the fest its proper symphonic sunset score — which segues to Metric (6:30 p.m., Voodoo), cute electronic pop from the expansive Broken Social Scene diaspora.

The day's big guns — the polarizing Weezer (7:45 p.m., Sony), fest-approved English electropop outfit Hot Chip (7:45 p.m., Le Plur), operatic arena rock trio Muse (9 p.m., Voodoo) — close out Day One.

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