Cups of plenty



It's hard to imagine an objet d'art less pretentious than a cup. The humble-yet-heavily-mythologized vessel stars in a juried invitational exhibition, “Art of the Cup: Functional Comfort," which opens Thursday, Oct. 28 at Ogden Museum of Southern Art during Ogden After Hours.

“Cups are a great gateway into the world of the handmade. The experience each maker brings to that piece is not only their own, but also the several thousand year history of ceramics and potters," Center for Southern Craft and Design Curator Jan Katz said in a press release.

More than 90 cups by 52 artists, ranging in price from $25 to more than $100, will be for sale.

Cup by Andrea Freel Christie
  • Cup by Andrea Freel Christie

Cup by Ronan Peterson
  • Cup by Ronan Peterson


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