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Who, at some point, on a lazy Saturday afternoon or just-before-bed TV surf expedition, hasn't been cruising with the remote and ending up stopped on one of WYES-TV's documentaries about the history of New Orleans? Department stores, classic local commercials, the "nightlife that was" ... they're like comfort food for couch potatoes.

The latest Peggy Scott Laborde-produced production is "New Orleans Restaurants With a Past," which will debut Nov. 17 at 7 pm on WYES. From the show's website:

WYES looks back at some of New Orleans’ most historic present-day restaurants and also chronicles a few that are part of the city’s collective memory in the new one-hour documentary, NEW ORLEANS RESTAURANTS WITH A PAST.

Antoine’s and Tujague’s are French Quarter gems that opened during the nineteenth century followed by Arnaud’s and Brennan’s in the twentieth. Also showcased will be Commander’s Palace, located in the Garden District.

Among the lost restaurants that will be remembered are Toney’s Spaghetti and Pizza House, Houlihan’s, Bruning’s, Sid-Mar’s, The Hummingbird Grill, and Barrow’s Shady Inn.

Mmmm... Barrow's. $13, $14 or $15 plates of thin-cut catfish. On my first visit, I asked the waitress (foolishly) what the difference was between the $13 and the $15 plate, and she blinked at me and said, gently, "More catfish."

And now I want catfish. See what you did, Peggy Scott Laborde?


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