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Back in June, while reporting on the BP oil disaster, MSNBC talk-show host Rachel Maddow addressed New Orleans' Internet problem. No, not that onethis one:

In researching stuff for tonight‘s show, I came up on an unfortunate online idiosyncrasy about this great city. The official URL, the official website address for New Orleans is cityofno.com. ... New Orleans isn‘t the city of no, it is anything but. Whenever we come to New Orleans we are the beneficiaries of the incredible hospitality, the amazing vistas, the living history, the incomparable music, the amazing food, many of the exquisite cocktails of this great American city.

Maddow's answer was to buy up several website domains — cityofyes.us, getyouroiloffourcoast.com, cityofheckyeah.com and cityofhellno.com — and offer them as a gift to New Orleans City Hall. Turned out Mayor Mitch Landrieu agreed, because he sent a statement to Maddow thanking her and saying "Everyone who knows and loves New Orleans knows that the CityofNo.com is not a fitting web address for our town." The mayor also promised a new web address for the city soon. (Gambit wanted cityofwhodat.com, but no one asked us.)

And so www.nola.gov (not to be confused with a certain newspaper's website) made its debut Friday night.

More info about the site and a review after the jump:

The new nola.gov site.
  • The new nola.gov site.

Chris Boudy of the website New Orleans Tech has looked under the hood and has mostly positive things to say; his review hits the high points and makes some constructive suggestions.

We emailed Landrieu's spokesman, Ryan Berni, who confirmed that all the city email addresses will now migrate to the new nola.gov domain as well — and Berni offered to break down all the changes for us later this week. Meanwhile, you can now friend the mayor on Facebook and follow him on Twitter (@MayorLandrieu), where he's only following 21 people so far, two of whom are Q93's Wild Wayne and Saints QB Drew Brees. (Obviously he knows where the power is concentrated in the city.)


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