UPDATE: Newsweek reposts the charter-school story



That vanishing story about New Orleans charter schools and the lawsuit filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)? That one?

It's back up on Newsweek.com — but with an addendum:

Editor's Note: When this article was originally published, we were unaware that the author is engaged to a lawyer for SPLC, although she is not working on the case in question. Had we known of this relationship, we would have disclosed it to our readers.

The author, Brentin Mock, who used to be employed by the SPLC, is engaged to Thena Robinson, an attorney currently working for the SPLC. In July, Robinson issued a statement on a joint lawsuit filed by the SPLC and the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana against the Recovery School District:

This case is symptomatic of a diseased school culture that treats students like criminals. Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the nation and RSD schools are conditioning students for prison—-rather than college. Hopefully RSD officials will truly embrace the mantle of education reform and take immediate steps to end these unlawful practices and make our client whole.

Ben Adler, Mock's editor at Newsweek, still hasn't returned Gambit's emails.

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