David Simon Monopoly!



...now with TWO jail spaces.
  • ...now with TWO jail spaces.
Love family board games and David Simon's The Wire? Then you (like me) will wish this was real instead of an invention by the UK satire site The Poke ... it's Monopoly, The Wire edition. Collect the Baltimore school system, The Baltimore Sun, the Baltimore Police Department and the Baltimore Stevedores Union and send your opponents into bankruptcy ... or federal prison.

Now that Simon has put aside Baltimore to concentrate on Treme (soundtrack available Oct. 25!), one can only imagine the David Simon Treme Monopoly board and the neighborhoods it would go through — landing on check-cashing stores, Rainbow Fashions and Manchu Wings. And forget the steamboat and the iron — I want to be Mr. Okra.

A larger view of The Wire Monopoly board under the jump!


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