Lauren Conrad to appear at Metairie Sam's Club



Lauren Conrad will cry real mascara tears if you dont come to her book signing
  • Lauren Conrad will cry real mascara tears if you don't come to her book signing.

When I think of Sam's Club, I think of giant packs of toilet paper and trying not to get caught hitting the food sample tables multiple times. Not to disparage the bulk grocery/sad clothing purveyor — my 3-liter bottle of olive oil is still going strong —┬ábut it's not exactly Barney's.

Thanks to an evil or hilarious publicist, former Hills star Lauren Conrad, who probably thinks "bulk" shopping refers to stores for fat people, will be appearing at the Metairie store to promote her books Sugar and Spice and Lauren Conrad Style. I predict the event will be equal parts sad and economical (seriously, you can really stretch out that olive oil).

In case you missed The Hills, it was a show in which pretty people cried and had lunch dates. The 24-year-old Conrad, being the cryin'-ist, lunchin'-ist one of the whole bunch, has had a fairly busy post-Hills career creating a clothing line for Kohl's (another sad apparel retailer) and writing young adult literature and, most recently, a style guide ("Rule 1: have lots of money and/or MTV sponsors furnishing your wardrobe").

Her book tour stop in Louisiana is curiously the only one at Sam's — the rest are at Barnes & Nobles and other bookstores. I may schedule my next massive grocery shopping trip around Oct. 22 at 5 p.m. The high potential for entertainment — seeing Conrad walk into the store, a sweating Starbucks iced coffee and quilted Chanel bag in hand, trying earnestly not to judge everyone — and deep discounts makes this difficult to miss.

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