The Lawman Returneth



Steven’s love for the blues and blues musicians gave him the ‘Mojo’ and his time spent in Asia and his study of Buddhism gave him the ‘Priest’ — that’s how Steven is known to many as the Mojo Priest. — From the A&E promotional site

The Pier 1 furniture never stood a chance.
  • The Pier 1 furniture never stood a chance.

He eats Jefferson Parish sushi. He wears sunglasses at night. He wears a black robe the size of the Saints championship banner.

He is Lawman. He is Everyman. He is Fighting Man. (At least according to the trailer for the show.) He's the terror of Veterans Memorial Boulevard and the sensei of Martin Behrman Highway.

He is: Steven Seagal Lawman. And the second-season premiere of his show is tonight. Catch a 2-minute preview here.

Steven Seagal Lawman
Wednesdays, 9 pm

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