Michael Stipe's Guide to N.O.


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... published in the worst-named (and just the worst in general) guide to anything, GOOP — actress Gwyneth Paltrow's softball to Jezebel.com writers and a newsletter with instructions on how to live like a rich white woman. She has some famous friends who'll pitch in, including Stipe, the sometimes-mustachioed (and always awesome) R.E.M.frontman who has spent plenty of time in New Orleans over the years, whether recording or just hangin' out.

Here's his go-to list: fried chicken and red beans and rice at Coop's, then a stop next door at Pravda; antebellum cocktails and red beans and rice at Bar Tonique; Armstrong Park; kale salad at Satsuma; a stay at the Soniat Hotel; croissants at Le Croissant D'or; Cake Cafe; the Joan of Arc statue on Decatur Street; Tipitina's; a whiskey and workout at the New Orleans Athletic Club; 2 a.m. meals at Buffa's; Lilette; Dante's Kitchen; Bullet's; Frenchman Street; Meauxbear; the Saenger Theatre; vegan red beans at Napoleon House (the dude apparently loves red beans and rice, having mentioned it four times on a list with 11 restaurants); laundry and hushpuppies at Schiro's; drag shows at Jean Paul's; and Cochon, which he says is bandmate Peter Buck's favorite place in New Orleans and is "in the apex of New Orleans cool," though I'm not sure if he means the restaurant or neighborhood or clientele — wouldn't say he's correct in any case.

With all the heavy starches and biscuits and booze, not sure how Paltrow would enjoy his recommendations. (Though she loves Mosca's and Cafe du Monde.) Michael Stipe is really into salad. She might go for the kale. Liquified.


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