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Paul F. Tompkins performs at Republic, 9 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 2. Tickets $20.
  • Rebecca Sanabria
  • Paul F. Tompkins performs at Republic, 10 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 2. Tickets $20.

Comedian Paul F. Tompkins didn't cancel his show at Republic tonight — he decided if at least 100 people bought tickets, then, well, the show would go on. It worked, despite the absence of a "promised" 300 from a Facebook group ("Bring Paul. F. Tompkins to New Orleans!"). Tompkins' asked fans to start Facebook groups to see which ones could reach 300 or more by a target date, and then he'd set up a tour through those cities. ("I’ve become fed up with the comedy club system for reasons that would cause you to self-murder should I elaborate," his Facebook page reads. "I don’t want that to happen. I have long thought, There’s got to be a better way than this.") It worked: The six-date tour was picked by fans, and fans only. Most dates sold out almost immediately. Not so much for New Orleans. The city's comedy community, however, pushed the hell out of this show. A Tompkins gig is rare in a town where alternative comedy stars last appeared in 2006 (Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter, Todd Barry). (Meanwhile, Daniel Tosh and Chelsea Handler are charging $40 to $70 for dick jokes and Dane Cook-isms, also, this.)

Tompkins' latest full-length release is Freak Wharf (AST), which unravels from giggly, informal free association (on "Riff Suite," Nos. 1 through 3) into the focused, silly storytelling on "The Sink and the Mirror" and "Cake vs. Pie" ("Here's how good frosting is. When you are eating it out the can, you feel shame. It must mean it's pretty good. It must be too good. You're not supposed to eat it like that. What does pie got going for it? Pie filling. Even the name, 'filling,' makes its seem like it's not that important to the pie.") He also has led comedians in the podcasting world with appearances on his Pod F. Tomcast, Comedy Death Ray Radio, Doug Loves Movies and countless others. Hit the jump for "Christmas Party":


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