Big Freedia on the road, spreading her ... gospel


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Portland, Ore. does many things well, but there are more cultural dissimilarities between the Rose City and the Crescent City than there are similarities. (This is one of their premier zydeco bands; this is ours.) I lived there for a while after the storm and was struck by just how much music there was in the city, yet how few people actually danced when they went out to the clubs. Not that citizens elsewhere need to bust a move when they're waiting on line at the post office or Popeyes, but ... at a club, yes, it might be appropriate.

This is all preamble to saying that when I heard Big Freedia was taking her booty-bouncing, p-popping, AZZ EVERYWHERE ways to the recent MusicFest NW (aka MFNW, not to be confused with SXSW), I wondered how it would go over in a town famous for good public transport, environmental consciousness and waiting until the light turns green ... but not necessarily AZZ EVERYWHERE.

Of course, I needn't have wondered, as Big Freedia (who performed at a strip club, Sassy's), managed to pack the joint with curious young people who were quickly converted to her AZZ EVERYWHERE philosophy of life, as evidenced in this crowd video:

This guy seems to sum it up the crowd's general reaction:

portland freedia

If you want a longer NSFW look at Freedia's performance, check out this more professional take on the evening, which not only has a lot of (bare) AZZ EVERYWHERE, but also some boobage.


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