Ceasefire Anti-Crime March Today & Funeral Fund Info For Kaamilya Muhammad


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Below is a message from the Social Aid and Pleasure Club Task Force about today's Ceasefire March and funeral fund donation info for Kaamilya Muhammad who was murdered Sunday September 5th on St. Bernard and St. Claude.

Members of the Social Aid and Pleasure Club Task Force have called for a "Ceasefire March" to launch this season's Peace Walks, which are undertaken once per month as a partnership between the Task Force and SilenceIsViolence. The Ceasefire March will take place this Thursday, September 16, at 6:30 pm.

The route for this walk will begin and end at the intersection of St. Bernard and St. Claude avenues, the point where Kaamila Muhammad lost her life in shootings that occurred a little over a week ago on Sunday evening. In the media. these shootings were portrayed as associated with the Black Men of Labor second-line parade that had passed by that point earlier in the day.

Despite media suggestions, violence near second-line parades is rare. Until last Sunday, there had not been a shooting in the vicinity of a parade since 2006. Violence is an evil that hurts us all in New Orleans. This week's walk asks that we not allow cultural differences to impose false divisions among us: The struggle for peace must be unified to be successful. Social Aid and Pleasure Club members participating in this Thursday's walk will wear club attire, and brass band musicians will participate and play music during a portion of the walk, as a reminder that the clubs are dedicated to healing and peace in our communities, and as a show of support for the Black Men of Labor.

Thank you to the New Orleans Police Department for their support of this week's Ceasefire March.

“Ceasefire March": The Campaign to Stop the Shooting Thursday, September 16, 2010 6:30pm

Start:  Sidney Saloon (1200 St. Bernard Ave) at the corner of  St. Claude. Turn Left on St. Bernard Ave; proceed out St. Bernard Ave to Galvez St. Turn right on Galvez.  Proceed out Galvez to Aubry St. Turn left on Aubry St.

Stop: 2169 Aubry St.( Seals Class Act)- Moment of Silence

Continue out Aubry St to Miro St. Turn left on Miro St. Out Miro to St. Bernard Ave.  Turn Left back onto St. Bernard Ave. Continue out St. Bernard Ave. to St. Claude

End: 1200 St. Bernard Ave.( Sidney Saloon)

The family of Kaamilya Muhammad has set up a fund to offset funeral costs under the name of her surviving son Neamiah Brown at Hope Credit Union on Oretha Castle Haley: Account number 018036


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