And the man behind @BPGlobalPR is...



Josh Simpson.

The Awl busted the 26-year-old comedian, who says he may or may not move on from his stint as BP's (fake) incompetent, insensitive public relations/Twitter flack. His first message under the guise of BP's PR team, back in May 19? "We regretfully admit that something has happened off of the Gulf Coast. More to come."

He's followed with plenty more faux spins (like, "Thousands of people are attacked by sea creatures every year. We at BP are dedicated to bringing that number down. You're welcome!" and "If Top Kill doesn't work, we're just gonna toss a giant "Get Well Soon" card into the gulf and hope for the best. #bpcares").

He first revealed himself as "Leroy Stick" in June through this awesome letter, in which he says, "I started @BPGlobalPR, because the oil spill had been going on for almost a month and all BP had to offer were bullshit PR statements.  No solutions, no urgency, no sincerity, no nothing.  That’s why I decided to relate to the public for them.  I started off just making jokes at their expense with a few friends, but now it has turned into something of a movement.  As I write this, we have 100,000 followers and counting.  People are sharing billboards, music, graphic art, videos and most importantly information.

Simpson granted interviews as Stick while wearing a balaclava — which, according to the Awl interview, may have been for the best (hacked accounts? veiled threats? paparazzo?).

His thoughts on his outing:

I don't think revealing myself will keep me from doing anything I want to do. I'm not sure I'll be able to replicate what I did with BPGlobalPR on Twitter, so I'm going to build on the GlobalPR idea rather than hoping I get struck by lightning twice. The difference between myself and someone like Banksy besides the fact that Banksy is about a thousand times cooler than me, is that what Banksy does is against the law. If you find out who Banksy is, he can't do his thing anymore. That doesn't apply to the Internet. Anyone can do what I did and part of the reason I wanted to reveal my identity was to show that I am a nobody. I expect people to be underwhelmed.

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