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I particularly love the cover this week -- conceived and executed by art director Dora Sison.


Interviews with filmmakers Harry Shearer and Spike Lee, whose documentaries The Big Uneasy and If God is Willing and the Creek Don't Rise both make their debuts this week -- plus a review of The Big Uneasy.

A look at the state of medicine in New Orleans, five years later.

Clancy DuBos examines the reforms made after Katrina. Chris Rose asks the unanswerable: What if it never happened?

Noah Bonaparte Pais remembers big-box music stores and reflects on how music retailing has changed since the storm. Lauren LaBorde surveys local booksellers and gets their picks for the best post-Katrina literature.

Dalt Wonk on post-K theater; D. Eric Bookhardt on post-K art; Ian McNulty on the restaurants that vanished in 2005 and never came back.

It's a good issue. Pick it up around town starting Sunday afternoon, or check back Monday for the online edition. And next week: the annual Best of New Orleans.


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