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Who doesn't like pizza? (A damn Communist, that's who.) And who doesn't like Italian Pie? That's right, nobody. So we at Gambit World HQ in Mid-City were excited when we learned that Italian Pie was uprooting itself from its neighborhoody Bienville Street location and moving to the little Restaurant Row that's sprung up around Canal and Carrollton since the storm. More lunch options for us!

But then we realized there are now four pizza places within about a block of one another:

Pizza Zone

(Clockwise from top: Wit's Inn, Venezia, Theo's Pizza, Italian Pie. Gambit World HQ is in the upper-right corner. And we left off the national-chain pizza place that's on this map, which would've made five.)

Now, they're all substantially different. Wit's Inn serves good bar-food pizza and is a great place to watch a game and have a few drinks. Venezia serves the epitome of the red-sauce "pizza pie." Theo's has an amazing cracker crust and some toppings that sound eccentric but turn out to be delicious. And Italian Pie is a go-to spot for basic pizza that's ideal for takeout (although the new location, which opened today, has little flat-screen TVs built into the booths, so they seem ready for football season).

No complaints with any of these pizza purveyors. But between them and the surfeit of Mexican/Central American places in the same area (three!), we're just wondering: Can we get a good Thai restaurant up in here? Or po-boy shop? Or Vietnamese joint? (Doson Noodle House has Vietnamese noodle bowls, but not one of those Da Vinci Code-sized menus you get at Vietnamese places on the West Bank.) What kind of food would you like to see on Mid-City's Restaurant Row?

Because there is, finally, if such a thing is possible — enough pizza.

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