The phrase "Sounds like an Onion headline" is pretty common these days. I saw this, and asked the reverse: "Shrimp Boat Captain Worn Out From Long Day Of Putting Human Face On Crisis"

The Onion's coverage of the oil disaster has been perfect — biting commentary wrapped in easily viral, satirical news nuggets. But the headline above, and its following story, seem almost true. Fishermen, shrimpers and Gulf coastal residents really are feeling pretty overwhelmed. Yeah, it's a funny bit, but there's some truth in there. Kindra Arnesen says she has been interviewed at least 300 times, and it's not enough. She knows residents on the Gulf need the media to tell their stories, so she'll keep telling hers. Other reporters have talked with dozens of sources on the Gulf, more than once or twice. It's exhausting work, so a lot of phrases and information are repeated.

And now we're in Day Two of shrimping season. Is testing enough? Will people eat the catch? Are suppliers and warehouses and factories even buying? Few are on the water. Others are sticking with the BP checks, knowing there's plenty of work to do and hoping BP is willing to stick with them through the bitter end in the months and years to come.

Below, Kindra Arnesen (at 10:40) and fishermen's families at a Sunday rally in Panama City Beach:

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