Melancon releases first TV commercial of Senate campaign


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On Aug. 6, Sen. David Vitter, who is facing a tough reelection fight this fall, sent out an email with the subject line MUD ALERT! — outlining what he said were connections between his Democratic opponent, Rep. Charlie Melancon, and his eleventh-hour Republican opponent, north Louisiana's Chet Traylor, whom he described as "nothing more than a tool and stalking horse for Charlie Melancon." But it was a line later in the sixth paragraph of the email that seemed to indicate Vitter thought something was about to drop soon: "Vicious attacks are about to start," he wrote, "and Charlie Melancon is clearly behind the push." Elsewhere in the email, Vitter wrote, "And this Melancon led Republican Primary operation will start vicious attacks against me as early as Tuesday."

Well, it's Tuesday — and today Melancon released the first TV commercial of the campaign (which will not be running in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge TV markets):

"I'm Charlie Melancon, and I approved this message because David Vitter hasn't been honest with Louisiana," it begins. Not nice, perhaps -- but "vicious attack"?

Vitter concluded his email with "More details to follow soon." We'll see — and we'll see which camp they come from


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