Louisiana: the lazy, smelly state


A Louisiana man naps after an exhausting three-hour workday
  • A Louisiana man naps after an exhausting three-hour workday

It seems there's always a new ranking — usually created by an esteemed scientific research institution such as Condomania — floating around the Internet that bestows some kind of superlative onto our city or state. In case you've lost track of how we're faring in these rankings, allow me to synthesize some recent findings: the residents of New Orleans and Louisiana are blissfully fat, smelly people with big penises. Sexy, right?

Now we can add "slothful" to that sterling description, thanks to Bloomberg Businessweek's America's Laziest States list that puts Louisiana right on top. Louisiana residents, according to the study, typically spend almost nine hours sleeping, three hours watching TV and — amazingly — two hours and 41 minutes working every day. I mean, I know Commander's Palace martini lunches can go on a little long, but who only works for three hours every day? Bloomberg says the findings were culled from the self-reported data in the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics American Time Use Survey, which means that Louisiana residents are very forthcoming about their sedentary habits. Maybe we'll top someone's Most Honest States list one day?

The nola.com comment section for the article is abuzz with readers discussing the ranking. Naturally, racism and other inanities abound.

Now get back to work, lazies! You still have nearly two full hours left.

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