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The Preservation Hall Jazz Band appears in the August issue of Playboy. To save you the trouble of reading the articles, Gambit looked over the issue. We have troubles believing this is the magazine that Holly from The Girls Next Door helps "edit." But we don't believe everything on reality TV anyway.

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Playboy really is your dad’s porn mag. Maybe your grandfather’s. Founder Hugh Hefner is all over the magazine — in editorial and even in advertisements — mostly in a bathrobe. And that signature look finally suits his age. If Hef wants to wear a bathrobe all day, he’s probably not the only 80 year old doing so. But at first blush, it’s hard not to notice how mature (for lack of a better word) Playboy’s content is — at least judging by the August 2010 issue.

Gambit was forwarded a copy because of a fashion photo spread featuring the Preservation Hall Jazz Band (including the photo above). The spread is by noted rock photographer Danny Clinch. It’s full of (mostly tiny) photos (18 in all) of the band at Preservation Hall and at a cemetery. Junior and senior members of the band model clothes by Z Zegna, Thomas Pink, J.M. Dickens of London, shoes and vintage Ray-Bans. But there are some local shout-outs to Meyer the Hatter and Aiden Gill for Men (and flowers were provided by Flora Savage in the French Quarter).

Pres Hall isn’t the only local spot to get a mention. Just pages later in “Playboy’s Guide to America’s Greatest Bars” there are two locals getting press: the Sazerac Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel and Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop. Again, two of our more senior institutions (allowing for the remodeling of the Roosevelt).

But then there’s the age thing. One big spread features Mad Men’s Crista Flanagan in a retro spread featuring styles reminiscent of the early 1960s – dubbed “an homage to cold martinis and naked secretaries.” It’s even preceded by retro advertisements — as if lifted from old magazines. Even the celebrities are folks the older generation probably recognizes. Demi Moore appears in a four-page spread. It’s hard to say if Larry Kudlow is a household name for guys who worry about their stock portfolios and retirement, but he’s a supply side economist (read dinosaur) who appears on CNN, and he gets a three-page feature.

And then there are the graphics. Playboy uses the same cramped text layout and fonts it is has for decades. The icons with the “Party Jokes” are the same old vintage bunny drawings. Even the cartoon styles have survived through the decades. So all things considered, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band looks like a hot new band in these pages.


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