BP Oil Disaster, Day 74: some Gulf Coast front pages



Along with our daily BP oil disaster updates, we'll be taking an occasional look at how newspapers along the Gulf Coast are covering the oil spill -- by taking stock of their headlines. Today is the Friday before the three-day Fourth of July weekend, which would normally mean lots of stories about patriotism, families, vacations and barbecue, but on the Oil Coast, it's all petrol, all the time ...

Here's the Biloxi Sun-Herald, leading with an ominous story about how oil has entered the very beginning of the Gulf food chain:


The Mississippi Press in Pascagoula says there may be "months of oil" -- but, hey, "the fish are biting":

miss press register

More front pages under the jump.

The Mobile Press-Register pulls no punches: "All 32 Miles of Beaches Affected":


And the Pensacola News-Journal concentrates on Hurricane Alex's effects on the booms of Escambia County. (That, and "Gulf Breeze tennis star Jen Pfeiffer.")


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